The team

We are determined to make music available to everyone living with dementia by 2020!

Click on the names to contact a member of our team and to see their personalised playlists. We hope these will inspire you to create yours.

Neil Utley

Neil Utley – Founder and Trustee

Nicky Utley

Nicky Utley – Founder and Trustee

Grace Meadows Programme Manager

Grace Meadows – Programme Director

Lizzie Cody

Lizzie Cody – Foundation Manager

Anne-Marie Trott

Anne-Marie Trott – Project Manager

Press Enquiries 

For all media enquiries, please contact Katie Earlam at Goldbug | T: 0203 770 7612.

If you are unable to get in touch with with Katie, please contact:

Dawn Driscoll | M: 07736 331845 | T: 020 7498 0764