Welcome to the Musical Care Web Hub

Put simply meaningful, person-centered music significantly improves the dementia living and caring experience and there is a growing, rigorous and independent evidence base that supports this.

It can make the often distressing symptoms associated with the disease such as anxiety, agitation and apathy, more manageable and it lifts mood and engagement. It can raise quality of care and form a core element of care, adding to the care tool kit.  It helps people living with dementia, carers and families stay connected and offers a voice and language for communication, creativity and expression of identify.

When words are too much, not enough or no longer available music speaks.

We want everyone touched by this disease to join our musical movement, become part of our musical family and make music an essential element of dementia care.

Will you join our Musical Movement?

The Musical Care Taskforce is a group of leading figures from across the music, dementia, health and social care sectors, who have joined forces to improve the quality of the living and caring dementia experience  through music. It is led by Live Music Now and Music for Dementia, with support from National Care Forum, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Association of British Orchestras (ABO), Playlist for Life, British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), Care England, National Activity Provider Association and National Association of Care & Support Workers (NACAS).

We are encouraging everyone to sign up to our Musical Care Pledge and to declare to the world that Musical Care Matters.