Ambassador & Patrons

Lauren Laverne M4D2020 Ambassador

We are proud to have the support of a number of passionate, high-profile ambassadors and patrons, who champion us to a wide audience. These celebrity supporters make huge contributions to our work, supporting at campaigning events and raising awareness of the power of music in dementia care with the media. Recently we announced that BBC TV and […]

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Salisbury care home keeps residents engaged through the power of music.

Gracewell of Salisbury Care Home

On the 20 June 2018, The Utley Foundation visited Gracewell of Salisbury, a care home which provides high quality, personalised residential care, nursing and dementia care in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We met with Home Admissions Advisor, Sandra Smith, who gave us a tour of the nursing home and explained that every resident is provided and cared […]

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The power of music for people living with dementia is even on the walls at the new Warminster Day Centre.

On the 15 May 2018 Alzheimer’s Support opened a new Dementia Centre in Warminster. The Wiltshire charity spent nine months renovating the first floor of the Victorian silk mill in Beech Avenue to create a light-filled space for its third, and largest, day club. The Utley Foundation visited the day centre last month and were […]

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Work with a music therapist

Music therapists draw upon the innate qualities of music to support people of all ages and abilities and at all stages of life. The  British Association for Music Therapy  describe music therapy in the following way: ‘Central to how much therapy works is the therapeutic relationship that is established and developed, through engagement in live […]

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Experience and participate in live music making

Live Music Now Musician

Live music is delivered by a variety of different individuals and organisations in care settings and community based venues across the UK. Some specialise in training care staff to deliver music-based interventions themselves; some organisations bring professionally qualified musicians into care settings to perform and engage with residents. Others bring live music sessions which ranges in […]

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Music supports communication and self-expression

Music can support the retention of speech and language skills It offers a non-verbal, creative means of expression The stimulating affect of music encourages alertness, enabling greater motivation to communicate and connect with others The flexibility of music enables different levels of participation, and offers opportunities for the musical experience to be person-centred Memories of […]

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Music supports mental health

Music can alleviate anxiety, agitation and depression, offering a creative medium to work through and process feelings Music supports positive changes in mood and emotional wellbeing Music is a non-pharmacological approach to helping manage and contain symptoms of dementia. Pharmacological interventions are not appropriate for everyone in all instances. Music-based interventions can provide a safe […]

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Music brings people together

Shared musical engagement enables individuals to enjoy music with others; it facilitates shared, quality time with friends, family and carers Music creates communities, offering inclusive, meaningful social experiences Music supports active participation and enhances awareness of others Music enables relationship-building Music is a readily accessible medium that supports people to be in the here and […]

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